Utility Pole

Utility Pole

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Proven Performance
Supporting transmission and distribution lines around the globe for 75 years, Wolmanized® CCA treated utility poles have been exposed to almost every soil and environmental condition imaginable with the same results: long service life, reliability and dependability.

Wood is the ideal material for utility poles. Wood poles are produced from a renewable resource and is resilient and extremely resistant to oxidation, corrosion, fatigue, crumbling and spalling. With CCA preservative, these wood poles are easily and cost-effectively protected against the biological degraders that cause it to weaken and collapse in nature, namely: fungi and termites.


  • 50-year warranty for Wolmanized wood poles and crossarms.
  • Low conductivity provides protection against current leakage and increases the safety of line workers.
  • Low corrosivity of hardware with the oxide formulation used in Wolmanized wood utility poles.
  • Testing has shown that CCA treatment does not significantly affect bending strength.
  • Because of CCA fixation, there is limited migration of preservative. Thus, remedial groundline treatment is not necessary for aging poles.
  • CCA-treated wood utility poles are non-staining to work crews and others who might come in contact with them.

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