High Tensile Gaucho Field Fence


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Protect your investment with our High Tensile Gaucho® High Strength Field Fence which features a flexible hinge joint with high strength high tensile steel wire. Compared to low carbon fencing it installs faster, with fewer posts, and it retains its shape with less ongoing maintenance concerns. To deter small animals, our field fence products feature gradual openings at the bottom of the fence, our fence design chart demonstrates the gradual openings for each fence design.

With a breaking load of 630 lbs, Gaucho® Field Fence products are excellent options for various farm and livestock applications including cattle, sheep, and hogs. Our Class 3 coating on all Gaucho® Field Fence products are backed by a 20 year Limited Guarantee.

Our Gaucho® Field Fence products meet or exceeds the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM A 121

Length: 330 feet
Coating: Class 3
Height: 47 inches

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