Strategies for Feeding Show Animals

A good diet is essential for the highest quality show animals, no matter what type of livestock you hope to exhibit. Balanced nutrition and proper feed will not only keep valuable show animals healthy, but will also ensure their coat is in great condition, their eyes bright and their energy levels suitable, keeping them in peak condition to do their very best in any competition.

To properly feed your show animals…

  • Check Ingredients: Be sure the feed you choose has the proper ingredients your animal needs. Avoid feed that has excessive fillers and instead opt for foods that will promote efficient digestion for maximum nutrient absorption.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Different animals have different nutritional needs, and even one animal's nutritional needs can change with its age and physical condition. Assess your animal's health and nutrition needs regularly and adjust its feed as needed for better care.

  • Customize Feed: It is not necessary to offer only premixed food to your show animals, and in fact it can be better to create your own customized mix specifically to meet their exact needs. Consult with your veterinarian to strike the right balance in a custom feed.

  • Boost Vitamins: There are different vitamin supplement products available that can be part of your animal's diet and will help meet its nutritional needs. This can help make up for any missing parts of its feed, but avoid too many vitamins that could have negative health effects.

  • Monitor Weight and Condition: Check your animal's weight and overall condition monthly, watching for any problems and correcting them before they are out of control. Three months before a show, begin monitoring biweekly, and then in the last month before the show, check the animal weekly to keep it in peak condition.

Proper feed and a good diet can keep a show animal – whether it is a cow, bull, horse, sheep, goat, pig, chicken or other type of livestock – in great condition, and the right food is vital for preventing many health problems. By following good feeding strategies, you can keep your animals at their peak so they will always make a wonderful performance at any show.

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